Super refreshing and healthy.  Naturally sweet so no added sugar.  Just watch out for the brain freeze.  I made this in my ice-cream maker but you could puree it in a blender of some description but keep on stirring it every so often to prevent too many crystals.  Tip; a chef told me to use gelatin to prevent the crystals but I haven’t tried it.  Let me know if you give it a go.


2 Large ripe mangoes

3 ripe passion fruits, the more crinkled they are, the sweeter.

juice of 1 lime

Few mint leaves, half fat creme fresh and grated chocolate to serve if you get chance before it has been wolfed down and everyone is running around with brain freeze!


Peel and chop the mangoes and put in a food processor

Half the passion fruits and scoop out the seeds, add to the mango.

Add the juice of 1 lime, to taste.

Blitz in food processor or mix in an ice cream machine until smooth and freeze in a plastic tub until set and ready to eat.

Optional if you wanted to make it more of an ice-cream, add half fat creme fresh, Skia yoghurt or single cream to the mix but its lovely just as it is.  I found it went very hard so it’s best to bring it out for a while to thaw slightly.

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