Yummilicious Yellow Split Pea Curry

This is my adaptation of Jamie Oliver’s tarka daal.  I’ve added spinach, garam masala and mango chutney or sweetener which are optional but I like that slightly sweet note.  Healthy and light.  Low Syn for Slimmingworld or can be free with a few adjustments. Serves 4 1 Slimmingworld Syn per portion INGREDIENTS 200 g yellow…… Continue reading Yummilicious Yellow Split Pea Curry

Virtuous veggie Massaman curry

I’m afraid that this one never quite made it to a photograph as it was scoffed before I got chance. It really is yummy and you don’t miss the meat at all. Of course you could add meat or maybe prawns or fish of choice but it is lovely and light as it is. Use…… Continue reading Virtuous veggie Massaman curry

Scrumptious Sweet Potato & Bouncy Black Bean Quinoa Chili

This one was inspired by a recipe I found on https://www.cottercrunch.com/ which has some lovely recipes.  To be honest I didn’t even feel like I had missed the meat it just made a tasty change.  Give it a try I don’t think you will be disappointed. INGREDIENTS1 large sweet potato, chopped Half a butternut squash,…… Continue reading Scrumptious Sweet Potato & Bouncy Black Bean Quinoa Chili

Cheery Chinese Chicken with Awesome Asian Coleslaw

This dish was inspired by Paul Rankin who served the coleslaw with sesame fried brill on Saturday Kitchen. I decided to serve it with the chicken but to be honest it would work with many things. I have cut out the sugar and bad stuff but it is still delicious. I genuinely believe it will…… Continue reading Cheery Chinese Chicken with Awesome Asian Coleslaw

Jumping Jamaican Inspired Cottage Pie

This recipe was inspired by an episode of Sunday Brunch but I adapted it to be healthier as usual, Slimmingworld friendly/low fat if required and gluten free.  Only one word needed YUM! INGREDIENTS Marinade 500g of skirt beef or beef cheeks or 1kg of oxtail (a slow cook cut of of lamb/goat/mutton or even chicken…… Continue reading Jumping Jamaican Inspired Cottage Pie


 This started life as Nigella’s Golden Egg Curry but soon evolved into fish and spinach as the sound of egg in a curry didn’t go down very well. I cooked it with all 3 and it was lovely you just need to try and keep the egg yolks runny and the fish lightly poached.  Roughly…… Continue reading FUNKY FISH AND SILLY SPINACH CURRY

Valiant Veggie and Banging Beef Chilli

This dish is extremely versatile and can be made purely vegetarian/vegan by omitting the meat (obviously 😊), Worcestershire Sauce as it contains fish and substituting the beef stock .  It can also be gluten free if required. You can use beef or turkey mince and really you can add as more veg or beans as…… Continue reading Valiant Veggie and Banging Beef Chilli