Mega Moroccan Styley Chickpea Stew

Well i have to say i could quite easily have stood at the hob with some bread and stuffed my face silly with this one without even making it to the table.  really zingy because of the lemon, pleasantly aromatic with a touch of spice.  don’t be put off by the Moroccan spice mix as…… Continue reading Mega Moroccan Styley Chickpea Stew


Trust me on this one you will never look at a chicken nugget in the same way again. These chicken bites are bursting with flavour and crunch and the spicy Korean sauce packs a real punch that slaps you round the face and leaves a lovely tingle on your tongue. The idea was born out…… Continue reading FINGER LICKING KRAZY KICKING KOREAN CHICKEN WRAPS


Many years ago, 1996 to be exact, I did a short Chinese Cookery Course and learnt how to cook these.  The recipe has developed over the years and largely depends on whatever ingredients I have in the fridge or basically how fat I’m feeling at the time. Ha ha. I know there are many versions…… Continue reading SASSY SPRING ROLLS WITH PRAWNS AND CRISPY VEGETABLES


Think you can’t get kids or some adults for that matter to eat vegetables well think again. This is packed full of vegetables and bursting with flavour. The base didn’t go overly crispy so may need to visit it again but to be honest it didn’t really matter. INGREDIENTS 1/2 a celeriac 1 large carrot…… Continue reading CELERIAC AND CARROT PIZZA BASE WITH VEGGIE TOPPING

Very virtuous veggie Lasagne

Not just your everyday lasagne. Bursting with a rainbow of vegetables, you will certainly get your 5 a day I would imagine with this one. Looks complicated but like with all my recipes they can be really flexible but they are really delicious and most of them are able to be frozen so a little…… Continue reading Very virtuous veggie Lasagne

Fabulous Fusion Stir fried Steak

Sometimes it it’s just a case of looking what’s in your cupboard and throw it ta all together. This is a truly global dish. It can be low carb with the use of zero noodles, it can be made with chicken, fish/seafood, pork, tofu, Quorn or just vegetables it’s just so versatile.  Don’t be put…… Continue reading Fabulous Fusion Stir fried Steak

WONDERFUL WATERCRESS AND CELERIC SOUP So yummy you can’t believe how healthy this is leaves all the more calories for a big chocolate melting pot haha. This is inspired by a recipe I saw on Mary Berry’s latest programme but like with most of the recipes here I have tried to make them lighter but…… Continue reading