Veggie Bursting Soya Mince Chilli

Awaiting photo This recipe has been given to me by my friend Mark who is a professional chef who cooked it for me for a house party I had.  The use of frozen veggie mince instead of Quorn really makes a difference as I find the texture so much better.  It’s definitely one of the…… Continue reading Veggie Bursting Soya Mince Chilli

Queenie’s Bubbling Branston Quizza

Potato-based Quiche with spring onion, extra mature cheddar and a cheeky layer of Branston pickle, what’s not to like? Note to self however always remember to secure the bottom of the flan dish before pouring in the egg mixture as half of it ended up on the floor which is why it ended up looking…… Continue reading Queenie’s Bubbling Branston Quizza


Photo to follow next time I do them as the camera wasn’t ready and it would have melted. Nothing to do with the fact that I had shovelled a portion down my throat before we had chance to take a picture honest! Ha ha Sometimes you just have that creamy citrus craving that you could…… Continue reading LUDICROUSLY LUSCIOUS LEMONY YUMMY YOGHURT ICE CREAM

Angelic Aubergine and Merry Mixed Vegetable Curry

This started life as a vegetable Rogan Josh from my Bosh cooking book but as usual I decided to play around a bit, make it a bit more Slimmingworld friendly.  I have to say aubergines would probably be on my list of food hell on Saturday kitchen normally but I thought I would give them…… Continue reading Angelic Aubergine and Merry Mixed Vegetable Curry

Curious cottage pie with luscious lentils and root vegetable topping

Now I know that at least 50% of people reading my recipes will look at the title or ingredients for this dish and skip passed it and to be honest in the past, so would I.  I just decided I wanted to do something a bit different and as the current trend is all about…… Continue reading Curious cottage pie with luscious lentils and root vegetable topping

Yummilicious Yellow Split Pea Curry

This is my adaptation of Jamie Oliver’s tarka daal.  I’ve added spinach, garam masala and mango chutney or sweetener which are optional but I like that slightly sweet note.  Healthy and light.  Low Syn for Slimmingworld or can be free with a few adjustments. Serves 4 1 Slimmingworld Syn per portion INGREDIENTS 200 g yellow…… Continue reading Yummilicious Yellow Split Pea Curry

Virtuous veggie Massaman curry

I’m afraid that this one never quite made it to a photograph as it was scoffed before I got chance. It really is yummy and you don’t miss the meat at all. Of course you could add meat or maybe prawns or fish of choice but it is lovely and light as it is. Use…… Continue reading Virtuous veggie Massaman curry