This would be a great dinner party dish which will have your guests convinced that they were in a top-class restaurant.  It’s lower in fat, no added sugar and lower in salt. Like with the majority of my recipes this can easily be adapted to vegetarian, fish, chicken or seafood. Here   A brilliant dish to add…… Continue reading LUXURIOUSLY LUSCIOUS LAMB AND MANGO CURRY

Fabulous Fusion Stir fried Steak

Sometimes it it’s just a case of looking what’s in your cupboard and throw it ta all together. This is a truly global dish. It can be low carb with the use of zero noodles, it can be made with chicken, fish/seafood, pork, tofu, Quorn or just vegetables it’s just so versatile.  Don’t be put…… Continue reading Fabulous Fusion Stir fried Steak


Super refreshing and healthy.  Naturally sweet so no added sugar.  Just watch out for the brain freeze.  I made this in my ice-cream maker but you could puree it in a blender of some description but keep on stirring it every so often to prevent too many crystals.  Tip; a chef told me to use…… Continue reading MAJESTIC MANGO, PASSION FRUIT AND LIME SORBET

Totally Tingly on the Tongue Thai Green Curry (try saying that with your mouth full)

I can’t take much credit for this one as it is one I saw on Jimmy and Jamie’s Friday Night Feast.  As always I have made a couple of little tweaks but I’m sure it will be perfect as it is. It would be equally as good with pork, seafood, Quorn or just veggies. I…… Continue reading Totally Tingly on the Tongue Thai Green Curry (try saying that with your mouth full)


All I can say is OMG wow! Just remember to bring your toothpick and a bib. This is loosely based on a recipe from Tom Kerridge’s diet book ( ) , it really is a winner. INGREDIENTS 1 – 1.5kg of Pork shoulder (fat removed) 100g chipotle paste 2 tbsp tomato purée 3 tbsp cider vinegar Juice of 2 oranges,…… Continue reading PUKKA PULLED PORK LETTUCE WRAPS

Cheeky Chocolate Orange Tiramisu

Although I’m rather partial to a nice skinny latte I don’t actually like coffee desserts or chocolates. I was given a couple of little bottles of orange liqueur on my honeymoon in Rome and wanted to do something different with it. One evening I was having an Italian themed dinner and I wanted a nice…… Continue reading Cheeky Chocolate Orange Tiramisu

Tip of the day

For a healthier twist of mince beef try using ostrich mince it’s lower in fat rich in taste. Also you could try turkey mince but personally I prefer the ostrich. Just be aware that it cooks a lot quicker than the other type so don’t cook it for long or it will dry out. Can…… Continue reading Tip of the day

Thai Red Curry Paste Recipe  

A mini food processor is good to use here but you can use a pestle and mortar if you are feeling energetic and want to help get rid of the old bingo wings! I use one of these but any small one will do Ingredients 3 teaspoons white pepper corns or 1.5 tsp of ground…… Continue reading Thai Red Curry Paste Recipe