Queenie’s Bubbling Branston Quizza

Potato-based Quiche with spring onion, extra mature cheddar and a cheeky layer of Branston pickle, what’s not to like? Note to self however always remember to secure the bottom of the flan dish before pouring in the egg mixture as half of it ended up on the floor which is why it ended up looking…… Continue reading Queenie’s Bubbling Branston Quizza

Curious cottage pie with luscious lentils and root vegetable topping

Now I know that at least 50% of people reading my recipes will look at the title or ingredients for this dish and skip passed it and to be honest in the past, so would I.  I just decided I wanted to do something a bit different and as the current trend is all about…… Continue reading Curious cottage pie with luscious lentils and root vegetable topping

Asian Fish Pie Recipe

Don’t be put off by the number of ingredients, it’s really worth the effort and you can omit some of the things or substitute with shop bought Thai curry paste. Like all the recipes I have chosen they can all be quite flexible.). I have a confession to make on this one.  The first time…… Continue reading Asian Fish Pie Recipe

Cottage Pie With Root Veg Topping

This has always been a winner, nice and healthy but satisfying at the same time.  It’s packed with vegetables and lean meat but full of flavour. Obviously like most of the recipes here if you prefer to make it a bit naughty you can add a bit of butter and normal potato. Probably the most…… Continue reading Cottage Pie With Root Veg Topping