Seriously Show Stopping Spanish Shellfish and Chorizo Stew

I can’t take any credit for this other than I’ve adjusted the recipe slightly to make it a bit lower in Slimmingworld Syns.  This is one that I saw the wonderful James Martin make on his Saturday morning show on ITV The original recipe calls for butter beans or maybe chickpeas but I didn’t…… Continue reading Seriously Show Stopping Spanish Shellfish and Chorizo Stew

Sassy Seafood Stew with Mighty Moroccan Spices

This started off as one of Jamie Oliver’s 15 minute meals recipes but after 1.5 hours trying to get something that didn’t taste like a can of tomato soup we came up with this which actually turned out pretty tasty.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Jamie but his recipe just didn’t do it for…… Continue reading Sassy Seafood Stew with Mighty Moroccan Spices

Mighty Moroccan Mega Lamb Burgers

This is my take on one of Tom Kerridge’s recipes from his diet series.  They are light, gluten free if you need them to be, lower in fat and calories with the clever use of extra vegetables and lean meat but no compromise on flavour.  Great way of sneeking in a bit of extra veg…… Continue reading Mighty Moroccan Mega Lamb Burgers

Mega Moroccan Styley Chickpea Stew

Well i have to say i could quite easily have stood at the hob with some bread and stuffed my face silly with this one without even making it to the table.  really zingy because of the lemon, pleasantly aromatic with a touch of spice.  don’t be put off by the Moroccan spice mix as…… Continue reading Mega Moroccan Styley Chickpea Stew

Mouthwatering Merry Meatballs (Tapas)

Served as part of a Spanish tapas meal with Patatas Bravas and Morcilla (black pudding) on Ciabatta. INGREDIENTS For the meatballs 300g pork mince and 300 g steak mince 4 garlic cloves, crushed 2 tbsp ground coriander 1 tbsp ground cumin 1 tsp sweet paprika ½ tsp ground cinnamon 1 tsp ground cardamom small bunch coriander, finely chopped 1 lemon, zest only 60g fresh wholemeal…… Continue reading Mouthwatering Merry Meatballs (Tapas)

Moroccan Style Butternut Squash Parcels

This one has been taken from Jamie Oliver’s recipe book ‘Jamie Does Spain’ under the heading of M’Hanncha.  I enhanced it slightly with a bit of extra spice and seasoning and crumbled in some left over half fat feta which gave it a nice tang but not essential. Click here for Jamie Oliver’s Original Recipe…… Continue reading Moroccan Style Butternut Squash Parcels