Jumping Jamaican Inspired Cottage Pie

This recipe was inspired by an episode of Sunday Brunch but I adapted it to be healthier as usual, Slimmingworld friendly/low fat if required and gluten free.  Only one word needed YUM! INGREDIENTS Marinade 500g of skirt beef or beef cheeks or 1kg of oxtail (a slow cook cut of of lamb/goat/mutton or even chicken…… Continue reading Jumping Jamaican Inspired Cottage Pie

Valiant Veggie and Banging Beef Chilli

This dish is extremely versatile and can be made purely vegetarian/vegan by omitting the meat (obviously 😊), Worcestershire Sauce as it contains fish and substituting the beef stock .  It can also be gluten free if required. You can use beef or turkey mince and really you can add as more veg or beans as…… Continue reading Valiant Veggie and Banging Beef Chilli

Roguish Rogan Josh With Luscious Lamb and Bouncy Butternut Squash

This slow cooked curry is packed full of flavour, much lower in fat than your average takeaway and to my calculations if you are on the Slimming World diet totally Syn free. I like to use a slow cooker and let it bubble away for about 6 hours. Alternatively you could easily do this in…… Continue reading Roguish Rogan Josh With Luscious Lamb and Bouncy Butternut Squash

Cracking Creole Chicken

Another great versatile recipe that can use shop bought Creole seasoning or even Cajun seasoning or to make it extra special, if you have the ingredients or time to get them, you can make your own in 5 minutes and will have plenty left over to use in a variety of recipes.  I’ve calculated this…… Continue reading Cracking Creole Chicken

Truly Taste bud Tickling Turkey and Virtuous Vegetable Cottage Pie

This is a revamped recipe to accommodate Slimming World dieters.  From my calculations it is Syn free if the cheese is used as your Healthy Extra (please double check the calculations and let me know if there are hidden Syns).  You should be able to get about 4 portions and if served with extra veg…… Continue reading Truly Taste bud Tickling Turkey and Virtuous Vegetable Cottage Pie

Mighty Moroccan Mega Lamb Burgers

This is my take on one of Tom Kerridge’s recipes from his diet series.  They are light, gluten free if you need them to be, lower in fat and calories with the clever use of extra vegetables and lean meat but no compromise on flavour.  Great way of sneeking in a bit of extra veg…… Continue reading Mighty Moroccan Mega Lamb Burgers


  I don’t profess to be an expert on Jamaican food and I know there will be people out there screaming at the screen saying you don’t do it like that. All I can say is this is how I did it after reading a few different recipes and it turned out lovely. I think…… Continue reading GREEDY GUYS GIDDY CURRY GOAT