Photo to follow next time I do them as the camera wasn’t ready and it would have melted. Nothing to do with the fact that I had shovelled a portion down my throat before we had chance to take a picture honest! Ha ha

Sometimes you just have that creamy citrus craving that you could normally only get from ice cream. That would obviously be full of calories and the Slimmingworld Syns would be through the roof.  This combination makes about 5 small portions which is enough to satisfy my cravings and equates to approximately 1 ½ Syns or free  depending on combination used.  Can be made gluten-free (just need to make sure your lemon curd is gluten-free), you could make it vegan by using soya yoghurt (you may need to recalculate the Syns and substitute the lemon curd for a vegan alternative) or if you are not watching your weight, you could go all out and use double creme, crème fraîche or even better Marscapone.  You could make it without the lemon curd and use extra lemon zest and juice, and/or maybe lemon extract and more sweetener which would make it Syn free.  Just play around with the flavours until you find the balance that you like.  I defy you not to lick the bowl out!

Servings = 5

Slimmingworld Syns = 1 to 1 ½ or free depending on the use of lemon curd.


450 g pot of Skyr fat-free yoghurt

Juice and zest of one lemon.

1 tablespoon of granulated sweetener, or to taste.

2 tablespoons of lemon curd.  (6 Syns in total equating to 1.2 Syns per portion based on 5 portions)

Mint leaves and shavings of dark chocolate to serve, optional.


Add all the ingredients excluding the mint leaves and dark chocolate to liquidiser/bullet blender/food processor and blitz for a few minutes to make sure everything is thoroughly mixed.  You could just put it straight into the freezer at this stage into large ice cube trays/ice lolly moulds or just simply a Tupperware box.

If you have an ice cream maker even better.  Switch it on to start it moving and then pour in your ingredients.  Allow to blend for about 20 minutes and then put into the mould of your choice.

It makes a lovely creamy yoghurt ice cream at this stage and then put the rest in the freezer.  It is better straight from the ice cream maker but still nice when it has been frozen.

If you want to impress serve with a few mint leaves and a little grating of dark chocolate but don’t forget your Syns for the chocolate.

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