Magnificent Morcilla y Cebollas en Ciabatta (Spanish black pudding on ciabatta with caramelised onions)



Served as a part of a tapas meal Spicy Meatballs and Patatas Bravas

Sue, my sister-in-law raved about this dish when she came back from the Costa del Sol. The next time we went we ordered what we thought was the same but the look on her face was heartbreaking when she said it was nothing like what she’d previously had. Much to our delight this recipe comes a  pretty close 2nd thanks to the Hairy Bikers. A lot of people turn their nose up at black pudding but don’t knock it until you’ve tried it that’s what I would say. Sounds more appealing in Spanish but if you do like like Black pudding, this one is definitely a winner.

250 g of Spanish Morcilla or black pudding (check it is gluten-free for coeliac)

1 large red onion

3 garlic cloves, crushed

1 teaspoon sweet paprika

half a teaspoon hot paprika

1 teaspoon of dried oregano

½ of ground allspice

½ of ground cumin

a pinch of cinnamon

a pinch of cloves

2 large tomatoes, deseeded


sliced ciabatta bread (gluten-free for coeliac)

fresh parsley


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