Veggie-packed Omelette


This is probably teaching your grandmother to suck eggs (excuse the pun) . Yummy, protein packed omelette, bursting with colour and rich in flavour makes a great breakfast lunch or even evening meal. Serve on its own or with a nice crispy salad. Realistically you can put any veg you wish into it, it must be one of the most versatile dishes you can eat but this is my favourite version.


2 free range organic eggs (or whatever eggs you have to hand but the better the ingredients the better the omelette)

handful of mushrooms

half a red pepper

2 to 3 spring onions

3 or 4 cherry tomatoes

salt and pepper

fresh thyme leaves (optional)

strong card cheese to top (optional)

small chunk of mozzarella cheese (optional) I happened to just have some left in the fridge.

N.B. a nice smoky pancetta, bacon or chorizo also works a treat.

I added a dried chilli to give an underlying spice to it reducing the need for too much salt.


Heat a small nonstick frying pan and add a tiny bit of oil

Add the veg and stirfry until nicely browned and caramelised

In the meantime whisk the eggs and add the chilli and black pepper

Pour the mixture into the frying pan along with the cheese saving some for the topping

Add a pinch of salt

Allow to set over a medium heat and then finish off under the grill unless you are feeling brave whereby you could flip it over using a plate.

Once browned allowed to cool down slightly for a few minutes and then took in.


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