Simple Sesame Pasta & Smoked Bacon Salad (gluten free optional)


This is a long time favourite that I’ve been doing for years.  The addition of the sesame oil and garlic salt just gives it that subtle extra taste which is really delicioso.  It’s one I always do when my dear friend Becky comes to visit.


½ of red and yellow pepper (or whatever colour you fancy)

3 spring onions

1 medium carrot

half a cucumber deseeded

2 sticks of celery

1/2 small bulb of fennel

1 small tin of tender crisp sweetcorn

2 portions of pasta (gluten free)

2 slices of lean smoked bacon

sesame oil (Check Syns Value if you are on Slimming World diet)

garlic salt

black pepper


Cook pasta according to the instructions on the packet

finely diced/slice the bacon until crisp

finely dice all of the vegetables and drain the sweetcorn

drain the pasta and add about a dessert spoon of sesame oil and a large pinch of garlic salt

when cooled toss all of the ingredients together and add some more seasoning if required

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