My First Post

As a teenager, I discovered my love of cooking and making up recipes. Due to my ever-expanding waistband and ballooning butt I used to try and put a healthier twist on them. Having been pretty much banned from the kitchen as a child I had to teach myself. I would practice on poor unsuspecting friends and family making some dodgy efforts along the way. I never forget making a bean stew in the pressure cooker, doesn’t sound too appetizing but it was actually wheelie tasty. However, after eating it for about 4 days on the trot and force feeding it to my housemates it seemed like a tornado was ripping through the house and an abundance of air freshener was needed. Needless to say, the pressure cooker was confined to the box marked “open at your own risk”. Time moved on and many of my meals just were composed of salad and I would salivate over my friend’s sausage and chips and anything else unhealthy they could lay their hands on whilst I picked up my lettuce leaves. A few years later after developing an extremely unhealthy relationship with food I got married and moved into my first flat which is where my journey really began. I enrolled into an evening college course with my friend Linda and my dad to do a Chinese cooking course. Each week we would take it in turns to drive and the other lucky two would partake in a cheeky bottle of wine à la Keith Floyd and learn to cook a variety of restaurant favourites. I still use many of these recipes today which will be published on this blog in the future. By this time, I really had the bug, not of the stomach variety, so I then enrolled on an Indian course along with my faithful cooking buddies. Anyway, I don’t want to bore you any more by rambling on as if you’re anything like me you will have fallen asleep or clicked onto something more interesting by now. My general ethos with cooking is find a recipe that takes your fancy and change it! Taste taste and taste again until it develops to your liking. I still have many mishaps and I still struggle with the concept of less is more, often over spicing things and have to do an emergency salvage job but this is all about the learning curve. One of the most difficult things is learning some techniques to put a healthier twist on many heart attack inducing recipes but I will share some of my tips later. So, I will leave you to digest this first part of my blog and look forward to sharing my first recipe.

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